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Santa Maria Tlalixtac, Oaxaca

This blend is made from organically farmed Java, a cane varietal harvested between 2,800-3,500 feet above sea level. After crushing the cane, the juice is immediately pumped into tanks where it undergoes open-air fermentation.

Blend #2 combines two different batches of rum distilled by Rommel Krassel in his 300-liter copper alembic still: A single cask rested in highly toasted new French oak is blended with a hint of unaged pot still rum by the same maker. The two batches combine to create an aromatically fascinating blend that recalls green apple and hogo, with a layered complexity on the palate.

The Producer

Far from typical, the Krassel family have engineered a variety of techniques, new and old, to make exceptional aged rums on the steep hillsides of Santa Maria Tlalixtac.

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