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Bad Saint Palo Santo Smoked Single Malt

Long Island, New York

Bad Saint is a Palo Santo Smoked Single Malt. Floor malted and house smoked by Andrea Stanley at Valley Malt. Milled, mashed, fermented and double pot distilled at Matchbook where it rested for over 2 years in one of their ex Metamodernity Wheated Bourbon casks built by Kelvin Cooperage.

Mountain Rose Herbs is an incredible broker of high quality herbs grown and sourced with the highest standards for the ecosystem "for food, family and future, we are passionate about organic agriculture! We're working to change the world one botanical at a time." Palo Santo faced an uncertain future a few years ago when demand for the wood exploded -- you could find the wood available by the pound way under market value on sites like Amazon and Etsy. Mountain Rose Herbs sources from a farm that has replanted over 5000 of these sacred trees while also caring for a number of other wild palo santo trees on their property.

The Producer

Matchbook Distilling Co. is an R+D facility dedicated to bespoke contract production of spirits that champion agriculture, anthropology, tradition and science. Read more about them and their products on their website and The New York Times article about them.

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