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Los Cantiles Bacanora Blanco

Agave Spirits
Sonora, Mexico

Maestro Vinatero: Jose Luis Portillo

Plant Utilized: 100% wild Agave Pacifica (Angustifolia Haw)

Oven: Underground cylindrical oven lined with volcanic rock

Mash: Mechanical shredder/Jaibica

Fermentation: Natural wild yeast in stainless steel vats

Water Utilized: Well Water

Distillation: distilled twice in stainless steel stills with copper serpentine

Liters Produced: 150 Liters 

The Producer

In the Sierra Madre of Sonora, the Portillo family has been producing Agave distilled spirits since 1905, the year they founded Rancho la Nopalera. Thriving for more than a century in a land of scarce seasonal rain and rugged terrain, the family embodies the artisanal spirit of the Sonoran highlands.  

The connection with the wild agave plant is part of an ancestral legacy that can be traced back to the indigenous Ópata who have long inhabited our region. Born in the mountains, these agaves have long been forged in the rugged highlands, a terrain of scarce seasonal rain. As a species, the agave is a sensitive and tenacious—a survivor that produces distillates defined by complexity, with flavors and aromas reflective of its arduous life. Smoky, herbaceous, earthy, and sweet, the distillates of Los Cantiles 1905 reflect the character and terrain of our mountainous region

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