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Maguey Melate Lamparillo

Agave Spirits
Durango, Mexico
Age of plant: 12-15 years

Individually Produced By: Gilberto Roldan Quezada

Maguey Melate Lamparillo from Gilberto Roldán was originally released as the June 2022 Mezcalero of the Month Club agave spirit. This spirit is made with maguey Lamparillo (Agave asperrima), which is one of the more rarely found agaves used in mezcal production. The agave is almost yellow-ish, very rough to the touch, and extremely inefficient for mezcal production. The temperatures in this area of Durango often reach over 90 degrees Fahrenheit, making for very quick and hot fermentations that are usually only about 3 days.

The Producer

Celebrating craftsmanship, tradition, and sustainability. Maguey me late (muh-gay may lah-tay) literally translates to “agave makes my heart beat” –  it represents our love for this spirit, tradition, and region.

Our mission is to preserve and promote traditional agave spirit production methods, culture, and family owned palenques in a value-packed way that serves as an opposing force to the faster-cheaper economy.

As mezcal is rapidly discovered around the world, it’s very challenging for consumers to fully grasp exactly what it is, where it comes from, and how to fully enjoy its many nuances that make it so unique and exciting. This ultimately makes it harder to fully appreciate artisanal mezcal and easier for big business to exploit the opportunities offered by mass-produced industrial mezcal.

Start stocking the best this great wide world has to offer, the spirits will thank you.