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Long Island, NY
Distilled Fruit Liqueur

1 Tree + 3 Botanicals = 1 Bottle of Myris

Nutmeg, once regarded in the seventeenth century as the world's most valuable commodity, is the heart of this one-of-a-kind liqueur. Myris uses single origin nutmeg fruit from Zanzibar, the Spice Island. And in the center of the main island in the Tanzanian archipelago, surrounded by ancient Ottoman ruins, in the center of a jungle, rests a modest farm operated by Mister Sio and his family. Their main crop is nutmeg and they’ve been at it for generations.

Jim Ryan, the creator and founder of Myris, up-cycles the Sio family nutmeg fruit while incorporating nutmeg seed and mace from Indonesia. Myris harnesses the essence of the nutmeg tree - all while cutting carbon emissions and creating a new stream of revenue for a cooperative of nutmeg farmers.

Each bottle is hand numbered at the distillery on Long Island, NY.

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