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No Where Sun Kissed & Stargazed

New York
Certified Organic Corn & Naval Oranges Blingnova Vodka base

We start with Blingnova, our vodka made from certified organic corn. We add it to our pot still with 30+ pounds of fresh, organic, whole navel oranges - and we allow those oranges to sit and macerate overnight. The following day, we run the stills -- and the oils and other aromatics from the peels and the fresh juice travel through the still into our spirt. We dilute the fresh orange distillate down and add a good dose of sugar. A fresh take on a classic - but still perfect for your margarita. 

The Producer

Matchbook Distilling Co. is an R+D facility dedicated to bespoke contract production of spirits that champion agriculture, anthropology, tradition and science. Read more about them and their products on their website and The New York Times article about them.

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