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Père Labat Blanc 40%

Marie-Galante, Guadelupe

This rhum agricole blanc from Distillerie Poisson was produced from four types of sugarcane native to MarieGalante and distilled in a traditional creole column still. Before bottling, the rhum is placed in open top wooden foudres (vats) for 10-15 days as demineralized water is added to bring it down to proof. This 40% abv bottlng is great for sipping or cocktails all day long.

The Producer

Located a 1-hour boat ride from the mainland of Guadeloupe, Marie-Galante is just under 66 square miles of mainly limestone plateaus and rich volcanic soil. About 20% of the island’s area is devoted to growing sugarcane. Rhum Père Labat is made at Distillerie Poisson which was established in the 1860s and began producing rhum agricole in 1916. The distillery, aging facilities, and the estate's sugarcane fields sit on 1300+ acres. Père Labat utilizes estate and locally grown sugarcane varieties native to the island. As rhum agricole, these spirits are produced only from fresh-pressed sugarcane juice rather than molasses. The four types of indigenous cane varietals are only harvested by hand with manchette in full length pieces and delivered via animals to the distillery, which is the oldest on the island and houses one of the oldest stills in the Caribbean. These rhums retain the raw fruitiness of the cane as they are not filtered, or chill filtered to remove congeners. The 8 year loses 40% of the liquid to angel share while being fully aged on the island. For photos and additional info visit the PM Spirits website.

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