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Puntiagudo Espadin

Agave Spirits
Miahuatlán, Oaxaca
Prehispanic conical earth oven

AROMA : Mineral notes are perceived at the front with a sweet nose passage, which may well be purple flowers or fruits.

PALATE : It is a mezcal with a light to medium body, sweet and slightly vegetal with a semi-dry finish with notes of banana peel, in general a pleasant and fruity sprat with a finish that whets the appetite.

RECOMMENDATION : As an aperitif or digestif. Take it alone with a glass of water or, for those with a sweet tooth, with some fruit jam on some bread.

The Producer

The brand was born in 2020 as a result of an extraordinary event in the life of its owner.

After reflecting on suffering a myocardial infarction, he decided to reduce the stress he experienced for 30 years in the automotive industry and became an agave farmer during the weekends in his native state of Oaxaca.

During that time he met other farmers and mezcal producers, who told him about the difficulty of employment and the lack of resources to become independent or promote the product they manufacture. This is where the desire to get involved in the Oaxacan mezcal industry arose to live together, participate in artisanal and rural life; help economically their countrymen who, despite their hard work and honesty, have to risk leaving their communities to provide sustenance and a future for their families.

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