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Redacted Bros Organic Mediterranean Gin

Distilled at Dornoch Distillery, blended and bottled in Dornoch

Nose: crisp & bright citrus, gentle salinity, resinous juniper oils, clay pots, thyme, and a touch of beeswax

Palate: fresh clean herbs, rosemary at the fore, gentle chalky minerality, lemon pee, olives, brine, and sancho

Finish: aromatic pepper, more brine, juniper, and lingering citrus oils

Botanical blend: Dornoch Distillery base blend (juniper, coriander seed, black peppercorn, dried lime, dried lemon, angelica, cardamom, meadowsweet) fresh single distillations of lemon peel, orange peel, bergamot, thyme, rosemary & bay leaf. Method: We create single infusions of fresh seasonal citrus and herbs. These individual components are then slowly blended to taste with our base botanical blend distillate. Once we have created the final blend, the gin is then slowly diluted over a minimum of two weeks to allow for maximum integration and not to shock the spirit.

The Producer

Dornoch Distillery was founded by brothers Phil and Simon Thomson in 2016. The distillery is focused on creating Single Malt Whisky using a mixture of traditional and modern methods, including sourcing heritage barley varieties, fermenting with local brewers' yeast, embracing and harnessing natural seasonal variation to create flavour-packed spirits. With maturation, bottling, dilution and filtration conducted in-house at our Dornoch bond, the team can focus on each release individually - both those distilled at Dornoch Distillery and the independent bottlings - ensuring that they retain as much of the spirit's unique character as possible, bottling with natural colour and without chill filtration.

Dornoch Distillery produces 12,000 litres of alcohol per year, which makes the distillery one of the smallest by production and size in Scotland. Due to the extremely limited production Dornoch Single Malt Whisky is only available in very small quantities. However, the team have plans for expansion in the coming year - check out our website for full details!

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