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SennzaFinne Summer Amaro

Seattle, Washington
Orange peel, grapefruit peel, strawberry, blackberry, wild fennel, lavender

From SennzaFinne:

Summer is all about fruit and herbs - breathe it in and you’ll pick up ripe berries reflected in it's reddish tone. Anchored by a backbone of Hyssop and Gentian, a concert of Citrus Peel gives way to a bouquet of wild fennel that lingers throughout. The wispy florality of lavender and rose hips keeps you wanting more.

Summer cries out for a spritzer! Whether it be soda, sparkling wine, or whatever canned malt beverage someone left in your fridge last BBQ.

The Producer

From SennzaFinne:

We are a husband and wife team that fell head over heels for each other and amaro. ​We embraced our shared love of amaro while traveling through Italy when we got engaged in 2013, and we carried that appreciation back to the various bars that we have tended in Seattle.​

We love creating and making infusions as well as crafting things we have never seen or tasted before. That is what drew us to starting SennzaFinne.  We want to make delicious and engaging things that others can appreciate and enjoy and love as much as we do!

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