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Tepache Hi-Ball


Our second batch of Tepache Hi-Ball is finally here!

The inspiration for Tepache Hi-Ball came from a visit to one of our favorite bars, De La O, in Guadalajara, where they mix up a local tepache with Cascahuin Blanco Tequila, fresh lime, salt, served in a tall glass garnished with crushed peanuts. Our carbonated and canned Tepache Hi-Ball was researched & developed at renowned cocktail bar Thunderbolt in LA, with a launch there in fall of 2020, where it was canned by hand one at a time. Months later a plan was devised to make a larger batch of just under 10,000 cans which was launched in September 2021. As one of the very few canned cocktails on the market to only use natural ingredients and zero artificial chemical flavors, over a ton of pineapples were hand cut, using only the skins to naturally ferment in water, with cane sugar, real whole cinnamon, and clove for a week. The tepache is then filtered gently and mixed with 100% agave tequila from a 5th generation independent agave grower & distiller, without any artificial flavors or additives. A touch of sugar, acids, and salt is mixed in, then carbonated & canned on site in Ventura, CA.

The Producer

Rock Steady Spirits’ Tepache Hi-Ball was born from a love of Mexico’s food and beverage culture. Through many trips to visit rural producers of agave spirits I was introduced to pulque and tepache, both common fermented beverages you can purchase from street vendors. Check out the site for more.

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